Rubicelia Lopez

“I’ve been working on my credit for a while now and I am happy to see that I’ve made some progress; it’s actually weird for me to say that I have good credit now!” – Rubicelia Lopez

Meet Rubicelia Lopez. She is a stay-at-home mother of six children who is happily married and lives in South Los Angeles. Like most families living in South Los Angeles, Rubicelia and her husband found it difficult to improve their financial wellness due to debt obligations, delinquent bills, mismanaged credit, and insufficient savings and emergency funds.

Thus, Rubicelia sought out All Peoples’ FamilySource Center (FSC) and participated in a financial literacy workshop in October-November of 2017. Rubicelia learned the fundamentals of financial management and continued the program by enrolling in financial coaching services. With financial coaching, Rubicelia was able to open an Individual Development Account (IDA), a program that encourages participants to save by matching their savings amount towards an asset building goal. For Rubicelia, her ultimate goal is to purchase a home.

In the effort to achieve her goal, she needed to improve her credit score. Rubicelia recently applied for her first credit card. She was approved for a credit card with 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for 12 months with earn cash back on purchase benefits. With her new credit card, Rubicelia was able to increase her FICO score from 681 to 705. Additionally, Rubicelia is currently working part-time. She seeks to increase her monthly income to contribute to her IDA. At the moment, she’s in the process of obtaining a guard card in hopes of becoming a full-time security guard.

With financial education and coaching, Rubicelia was able to achieve huge financial mile stones. Her next step is to enroll in a First-Time Homebuyer workshop where she will gain the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to become a homeowner.

With assistance of our All Peoples and FamilySource Center staff, Rubicelia is on the path to becoming a first-time home buyer.

Founded in 1942, to sustain a community decimated by the internment of its largely Japanese-American residents, All Peoples has been a hub of vital resources for a neighborhood that has changed from Japanese-American, to African-American, to Latino today.  All Peoples has been the very heart of a community, roughly defined by the 90011 area code and home to 130,000 people, just southwest of downtown Los Angeles.  The Center serves hundreds of people of all ages, six days a week, with an extensive menu of educational, financial literacy, health empowerment, and family support programs at its facility just southwest of downtown Los Angeles.  Give us a call today at (213) 747-6357, or Email to find out how you can get involved!  Real Solutions, Real Heart, Real Service to South LA since 1942.
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