Sabrina Pridgett has overcome incredible odds to successfully graduate high school and attend college this Fall.

Meet Sabrina. Sabrina Pridgett is a 20 year old YouthSource Participant who is the definition of resiliency. She comes from a four member household learning to deal with income instability, lack of academic guidance, and family loss which she has used to build strength to push herself daily. Sabrina Pridgett finished a milestone in her academic goals by completing high school in December 2018 and receiving her diploma from CRCD Academy at All Peoples where she was taking Independent Studies. She sees graduating from CRCD as the first step in the right direction and positioning herself for “the overcoming of future obstacles”.

Sabrina is approaching her one year anniversary as a YouthSource Participant. During her intake process, Sabrina met with YouthSource Assistant Ms. Michelle Watson who instantly recognized her potential for academic success. She is a natural leader and mentor for the rest of her peer group at YouthSource. Through YouthSource, Sabrina has participated in civic engagement such as homeless outreach, community events, and youth lead.

Pictured, YouthSource Participants at Santa Monica College

Sabrina worked her youth internship hours as an Clerical Assistant at All Peoples where she has been a tremendous help with data input and organizing files among other responsibilities. Her next goal is pursuing her undergraduate studies at Santa Monica College. Sabrina fell in love with photography from the first moment she remembers picking up a camera and wants to pursue it professionally. Another passion Sabrina has is cosmetology. She would like to blend both interests into a personal business.

In February 2019, Sabrina completed a Santa Monica College tour with YouthSource Case Manager Adrian Rios, and visited the Cosmetology and Photography department buildings to get familiarized with the campus. They returned in May to meet with academic counselors to put together an action plan for college starting with signing up for Fall classes. Sabrina looks forward to joining the Black Collegians at SMC and remaining active in the pursuit of her personal and community’s success.

This is just the beginning for Sabrina. In five years, she would like to be living independently in her own apartment and continuing her education. Sabrina hopes to one day own her own Photography Studio. For Sabrina, there is no obstacle she can’t overcome with self-determination and seeking out the right resources. She believes that community is the essence of unity and that coming together is what will help the world become a better place. A community motto she strongly believes in is “You have to understand something to make an effective change”.

Pictured, YouthSource Case Manager Adrian Rios with YouthSource Participant Sabrina Pridgett

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Founded in 1942, All Peoples has served as a true safe haven and trusted place for low-income children and families in South Los Angeles.  Today, All Peoples provides a myriad of social and educational services to more than 6,600 people per year in its 20,000-square-foot center located in a residential area of South LA’s Vernon-Central neighborhood, immediately south of downtown Los Angeles. Services are designed to achieve the following goals: to help children succeed at each stage of development; to strengthen and support individuals and families and build community; to prevent violence and crime in the community and the home; to address the root causes of gang involvement; to provide job training and create job opportunities; and to help seniors stay active and engaged.

All Peoples is a vibrant hub of activity for children, youth, and families six days a week, year-round. Services include licensed extended day childcare, after school programs, academic tutoring, a computer lab, summer camp, summer jobs, an alternative high school, workforce development and career assistance, financial literacy and education, parenting classes, domestic violence support groups, food distribution, a community micro-garden, a senior volunteer program, and more.



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