Susana Gonzalez received assistance through the Vernon-Central / LATTC WorkSource Center and now gets to pay it forward.

Meet Susana. Susana Gonzalez came across the services provided at the Vernon-Central / LATTC WorkSource Center mid- January 2019. Susana is a bilingual Adult participant who was seeking employment related to her Bachelor’s degree completed in Social Welfare and Disabilities Studies in December 2018. Susana enrolled in the WorkSource Center and was assigned to All Peoples Career Coach Mario Calderon. After enrollment, Intake Specialist Lourdes Gomez reviewed Susana’s expansive involvement with her community and assisted her with a lead to a job fair recruiting case managers. Immediately after orientation, Susana attended the recruitment event.

Shortly thereafter, Susana was offered a Client Services Coordinator position at The Chrysalis Center. She then agreed to the full time employment offer and is now assisting others in the same position she was in when she first began seeking employment by developing their interviewing skills and resumes to attain employment. Susana is a great example of using the resources available in her community to network and gain skills necessary to attain employment. As many students coming out of college may understand, finding work immediately after graduation can be a challenging and daunting task. However, Susana quickly used her resources and established strong connections in order to better her chances of employment.

The WorkSource Center is proud to have assisted Susana in both her endeavors of helping others in her community as well as achieving financial stability in an industry that is both fulfilling and related to her field of interest. Susana is now actively working with Career Coach, Mario Calderon, in an effort to continue her involvement with her community by empowering the under-served youth of the Greater Los Angeles area to follow in her footsteps in using the resources available to them to better their future.

WorkSource Center Career Coach Mario Calderon

Mario currently holds weekly WorkSource Recruitment Readiness Workshops, Interview Technique Workshops and Job Fairs to give clients an opportunity meet employers with opportunities in various fields.

If you’re 18 or over, please contact Mario at (213) 763-5961 or for more information regarding the services available.


About All Peoples Community Center

All Peoples Community Center (All Peoples) is an all-encompassing neighborhood center whose mission is to provide social services and programs that empower individuals and promote community, respect, and self-determination for all.

Founded in 1942, All Peoples has served as a true safe haven and trusted place for low-income children and families in South Los Angeles.  Today, All Peoples provides a myriad of social and educational services to more than 6,600 people per year in its 20,000-square-foot center located in a residential area of South LA’s Vernon-Central neighborhood, immediately south of downtown Los Angeles. Services are designed to achieve the following goals: to help children succeed at each stage of development; to strengthen and support individuals and families and build community; to prevent violence and crime in the community and the home; to address the root causes of gang involvement; to provide job training and create job opportunities; and to help seniors stay active and engaged.

All Peoples is a vibrant hub of activity for children, youth, and families six days a week, year-round. Services include licensed extended day childcare, after school programs, academic tutoring, a computer lab, summer camp, summer jobs, an alternative high school, workforce development and career assistance, financial literacy and education, parenting classes, domestic violence support groups, food distribution, a community micro-garden, a senior volunteer program, and more.



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