Let’s get to know Michelle Blanco, FamilySource College Ambassador (pictured far left with Youth Coordinator Erika Gonzalez and Accounting Assistant Genesis Ramos):

Favorite Food: New York steak and fries

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Sports Team: Dodgers

Favorite Animal: Dogs

How would you describe All Peoples Community Center: If I could describe All Peoples, I would say the center is a place I wish I knew about as a child. I also wish my grandparents knew about All Peoples for my mother and her brother. All Peoples gives to the community in so many ways that sometimes it honestly gets me emotional. Providing Thanksgiving dinner to families, gifts to families during Christmas, school supplies for our college freshmen, etc…it is wonderful knowing we are making a difference and helping make memories in families lives.

Favorite Part of Your Job: My favorite part of my job is helping students prepare for college. Helping high school seniors with their FAFSA applications and guiding them to pursue a higher education makes me happy because I know that I took little part in our students’ success.

My best All Peoples story: My best All Peoples story would probably be making a poster about what our students wanted to be when they grow up. It took a lot of effort to take photos of the children individually. It is nice to go through the hall and see that they have dreams for themselves, and I actually hope to be able to give them those photos later on before they leave the center so they can look back on it.

Hobbies: I love reading poetry and I love playing volleyball with family and friends, we get very competitive as a family and have even considered getting volleyball jerseys for our teams.

Fun Fact About Me/Hidden Talent: Fun fact about me is that I’m left handed, and I have taught my dog 7 tricks.

Me in 3 Words: I am a Disney fanatic, math person and pen collector.

We’re so happy that Michelle is part of our All Peoples Family!

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