Jonathan Vergara-Diaz, FamilySource Financial Coach

Favorite Food: My Mom’s Enchiladas Rojas

Favorite Color: Royal Blue

Favorite Sports Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Quote: “Persevere, don’t give up. Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

How would you describe All Peoples Community Center: All Peoples Community Center is a place where people and families go to learn about resources and participate in programs that can be beneficial to them. The staff is here to advocate and serve the families of the community. The center has a large array of social programs that stretch from food program, youth programs, financial coaching, to adult education programs, just to name a few. These programs exist not only to benefit clients short term, but to encourage clients to become self-empowered through their participation at APCC. If a client seeks a program we don’t offer directly, we are happy to provide them with the information of a place that can be of service to them.

Favorite Part of Your Job: I enjoy working with families to identify resources and opportunities that can be beneficial to them. I also really enjoy seeing clients progress towards achieving their goals and seeing them become more confident. I enjoy acting as a support system to guide clients in the right direction and be their cheerleader throughout the process.

My best All Peoples story: My favorite All Peoples story is the annual Thanksgiving Dinner that we have for the families of the community. The reason I really enjoyed that event is because I think the epitome of the holiday season is breaking bread with family. During the Thanksgiving dinner we had tables full of families small and large, spending time with each other, while also coming together with other families and having a meal together. Seeing community members converse, laugh, and eat at the event really made me happy to be a part of it and I’ll never forget that experience. I felt like APCC threw a huge family dinner for the community and this was just another way of warmly welcoming our families to celebrate the holiday season.

Hobbies: Fishing, Barbecuing, and spending time with my family.

Fun Fact About Me/Hidden Talent: I know how to play the Viola.

Me in 3 Words: Joyful, Analytical, and Humble

We’re so happy that Jonathan is part of our All Peoples Family!

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