All Peoples – Meet Our Team – Diana Avila

Let’s get to know Diana Avila, All Peoples Community Center’s After-School Program Youth Coordinator for Dunbar Village:


Favorite Food: Italian and Mexican Food

Favorite Color: Black and Red

Favorite Sports Team: Let’s GO Lakers!

Favorite Animal: All Furry Babies

Favorite Quote/Saying: “Quiet the ego. Soften the heart. Open the mind. Be kind.”

Diana Avila

How would you describe All Peoples Community Center?: I would describe All Peoples Community Center as a place where people can go to and feel safe. It’s also, a place where people feel at home. It’s a great place for building life skills, meeting new people and walking away with useful resources that will help you in life.

Favorite Part of Your Job: My favorite part about my job is bonding, helping and empowering the youth.


My Best All Peoples Story:  While working at Dunbar Village one day one of the students came to me upset because his teacher had given him a bad grade on his book report. We worked on it together and the following day he came back extremely happy and with a sticker his teacher gave him for doing such a great job on his book report. Although, I know this is my job to help the youth, it always feels rewarding to know that even the smallest act of helpfulness makes someone else’s day.

Hobbies: writing, meditating, watching shows and decorating


Fun Fact About Me/Hidden Talent:  My olfactory receptors are more than those of the average person.

Me in 3 Words: Compassionate, Loyal and Creative

We’re so happy that Diana Avila is part of our All Peoples Family!

Founded in 1942, to sustain a community decimated by the internment of its largely Japanese-American residents, All Peoples has been a hub of vital resources for a neighborhood that has changed from Japanese-American, to African-American, to Latino today.  All Peoples has been the very heart of a community, roughly defined by the 90011 area code and home to 130,000 people, just southwest of downtown Los Angeles.  The Center serves hundreds of people of all ages, six days a week, with an extensive menu of educational, financial literacy, health empowerment, and family support programs at its facility just southwest of downtown Los Angeles.  Give us a call today at (213) 747-6357, or Email to find out how you can get involved!  Real Solutions, Real Heart, Real Service to South LA since 1942.
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