We’ve reached our goal of $4,000! 

Thank you for participating in our All Peoples GivingTuesday Fundraiser! Because of your generous donations, we will be able to assist our All Peoples Youth with College Books, Tours, Transportation, Supplies, Workshops, and Application Fees.


If you missed out on GivingTuesday, there’s still time to give! Your gift will empower our incredible Youth to successfully complete high school and continue to a post-secondary education. DONATE NOW



“All Peoples is my second home. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be here without them…from making me stay on top of my grades to donating transportation. Give back to the community is a concept I greatly learned from All Peoples and that is what I wish to do always.” – Crystal O., 2017 GivingTuesday Recipient currently attending Humboldt University


“I am trying to break all the norms of our household by staying in school and graduating. Thank you for taking the time to assist a first time generation college attendee. Because of how you assisted me, I will be able to help others in the future too.” – Anthony J., 2017 GivingTuesday Recipient currently attending Cal State University Los Angeles


“Being a person of color, people made me think that college was impossible, but…they thought wrong. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this donation. I hope to not only repay you, but my community as well. ” – Steve C., 2017 GivingTuesday Recipient currently attending Middlebury College in Vermont


“I’m thankful that All Peoples was there when I needed them most. I now have peace of mind, and I can focus on my classes instead of the resources I lacked. My family and I thank you…I will never forget how you helped me.” – Mateo A, 2017 GivingTuesday Recipient currently attending Los Angeles Trade Tech


Because of YOU, College Corner staff were able to assist seniors with over 40 college applications for FALL 2018!

College Corner staff assisted seniors with a total of 17 FAFSA applications with an estimated total of $100,640 Pell Grant financial distribution for the FALL 2018!

Your generous gift will assist our All Peoples Youth with College Books, Tours, Transportation, Supplies, Workshops and Application Fees.



“Tomorrow’s Leaders”

All Peoples Youth Director Deisy Huerta with Enrique Peralta, 2018 Cal State Northridge Graduate.

“All Peoples has provided me with a supportive foundation, and with their extensive support, I have acquired the skills to empower the Youth within my Community and demonstrate that the impossible is achievable with the power of will. ”

Enrique, born and raised in South LA, was heavily involved in our All Peoples Youth Programs. He is one of many of our success stories thanks to supportive donors.

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All Peoples Community Center

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