FSC Financial Empowerment Workshop

In the month of September, All Peoples FamilySource Center conducted a FSC Financial Empowerment Workshop for South Los Angeles residents. The Financial Empowerment Workshops were conducted in both English and Spanish consisting of 17 participants (8 participants enrolled in English; 9 participants enrolled in Spanish).

The Financial Empowerment program was packaged into a five-week mini-course consisting of 90 minute modules. Each week, financial instructors taught topics from the FDIC Money Smart curriculum, which is designed to help enhance financial wellness and properly educate Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI) families. Topics include the following: basic budgeting; understanding credit reports; the do’s and don’ts of credit card usage;  consumer’s right and protection; saving and investment products; among other subjects.

Parent(s) who attend a minimum of 4+ workshops are eligible to partake in the Individual Development Account (IDA) program which reward participants by matching their accounts up to $100. Once parent(s) graduate from the Financial Empowerment Workshops, they are given the opportunity to continue receiving financial guidance through our Financial Coaching program, which provides them with financial knowledge, tools, and resources to advance their overall financial well-being.

Congratulations to all of our Financial Empowerment Workshop graduates!



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