We have one thing to say to our All Peoples Family and Sponsors.


What a great year we are having, and it is due to all of the encouragement and support that you, our All Peoples Family and Sponsors have given us. We are honored to announce that All Peoples Community Center has been rated one of the Top Non-Profits in the Los Angeles area for 2016!

One of the city’s oldest and most trusted place-based community organizations, All Peoples improves life for the diverse residents of South Los Angeles by providing a comprehensive range of vital services, grass roots leadership, problem solving and authentic hands-on care to children, youth and their families. We assist thousands of children, youth and adults every year by offering after school programs, emergency food distribution, parenting support groups and a safe place for all residents to use as a platform for success.

THANK YOU again for your continued support.  Together we move forward towards continued success here at All Peoples Community Center!


Come Celebrate with us:

Join us for our All Peoples Live – 2016 Gala & Fundraiser

October 27th, 2016, 6pm – 10pm

The Palm Court at the Alexandria

501 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013


Come enjoy exquisite cuisine, awards, a silent auction, and much more…

For Donations or In-Kind Contributions, please contact Shalanda Mays at 213.747.6357 ext 124 or smays@allpeoplescc.orgThanks and we look forward to seeing you there

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On Saturday September 24, 2016, All Peoples Community and FamilySource Center took a total of 32 students, 7 parents and 3 staff on a college field trip to visit two universities: University of California, Riverside and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  Students and parents had an opportunity to learn about the campus history, admission requirements, and financial aid. Parents also had an opportunity to get answers to questions such as:

  • What is the average class size and the student-to-faculty ratio? Are most classes taught by professors or by teaching assistants?
  • What is the campus meal plan like? How is the food? What are the options?
  • What is the makeup of the current freshman class? Is the campus fairly diverse?
  • What’s the social scene like? What kinds of activities are available?
  • Is there plenty of dorm space or is there a housing crunch?
  • How many students are commuters and how many are campus residents?

“One of the most compelling and important reasons for taking the students and parents on this tour was so that they could see the college firsthand – the classrooms, dorms, and library that the students would be living in for the next four years in the event that they were to commit to these universities,” says Deisy Huerta, Youth Director at All Peoples Community Center. “Students and parents had an opportunity to see the buildings inside and out, including classrooms, dorms, dining halls, gyms, and libraries.

One of the things that parents and students liked the most about these universities was the fact that they were close enough to home where if students need something, the parents were only 40 minutes away, but the distance was also long enough to where students would have an opportunity to dorm and get a full college experience.”


L.A. puts Higher Education within reach for All Students with the L.A. College Promise – guarantees High School Graduates in the Class of 2017 at least one tuition-free year of Higher Education.


On September 8, 2016, All Peoples FamilySource Center had an opportunity to attend an Education Symposium alongside all the other FamilySource Centers in the city of Los Angeles. This meeting was an effort to engage in meaningful learning opportunities and conversations on the role of community-based organizations in support of students towards path to graduation and post-secondary education.

Our very own David Solis was part of the panel in which we discussed the issues that surround our youth in our communities and prevents them from perusing a post-secondary education.

College Corner: 

Our College Corner exists to promote academic achievement, and to make sure that all of our students have an opportunity to be exposed to college.  The College Advisors work closely with students of all grades, elementary to high school,  to make sure everyone knows that “College is Possible” regardless of their socio economic status.  We provide the College Workshops with parents so that both youth and parents can share a common goal and understand the required steps for the college path.  They meet with the College Advisors and go over transcripts, A-G requirements, grades, GPA’s, etc. They’re also able to map out what classes they should be taking for the upcoming year.  Our College Advisors also expose our students and parents to college life by taking trips to local university campuses and by developing individual student college plans.

For questions, please contact College Advisors David Solis or Jacqueline Ramirez at 213.747.6357 ext 147.

All Peoples Community Center has been named a Family Resource Center by the City of Los Angeles, an honor that comes with an $800,000 annual grant and a mandate to increase both family income and academic achievement in the South LA neighborhood it has long served.

“We are proud, humbled, and deeply aware of the heavy responsibility that comes with this award,” said Director Saundra Bryant. “But it aligns with our mission. It is what we do. And we have been doing it since 1942. We will make it happen.”

Bryant has named Julio Ramos, 26-year All Peoples veteran, to be Director of the Family Source Center initiative. “We can’t wait to get started,” said Ramos, “and we are in the process of hiring 16 new staff members to meet our commitments to the city and to the neighborhood.”

Ramos and team will serve a minimum of 2500 individuals during the year, and will work intensively with 375 of them to meet ambitious program goals. Delivering on these is a requirement, as the city will review All Peoples’ performance before awarding another $800,000 next year, as well as potential grants through 2021.

All Peoples will be building on an already impressive track record of community service. Last year, the center offered over 20 programs to an average of 400 people a day, six days a week, at its premises just southwest of downtown Los Angeles. All this with a staff of 23 that leverages relationships with other non-profit agencies, as well as 450+ senior volunteers.

In the proud tradition of its name, All Peoples has long embraced everyone who comes through its doors. Since 1942, the center has been the very heart of a community, roughly defined by the 90011 zip code, that has changed from Japanese-American to African-American to Latino today.

“We will continue to earn the trust of our community,” promised Director Bryant, “our work has just begun.”

Saundra Bryant, executive director of All Peoples, was recently featured in an NBC Interview with Chuck Henry of L.A.’s Channel 4 News.

Watch the interview by NBC Channel 4.

The Supplemental Food Program represents one of many important ways that All Peoples impacts the community. We are feeding families and individuals in the community with a bag of groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables, each month to supplement their existing food supply. Participants in the program also receive information about other community resources for feeding their families and assistance with accessing those resources.

APCC was featured on NBC L.A.’s local news with Chuck Henry, highlighting the contributions and work of a former student and U.S. Marine veteran who has been giving back to the community.

See this story about the people who give back to APCC.