RSVP Volunteer
If you are 55 and over we need your help as a volunteer! RSVP uses your skills and wisdom to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  As part of RSVP, senior volunteers help tackle tough issues in our South and Southeast Los Angeles community.  During 2015 to 2016, RSVP volunteers served:
  • 296  isolated seniors by providing companionship and social activities,
  • 150 seniors were provided with training and resources for emergency disaster preparedness
  • 2,632 individuals received emergency food at least once a month
  • 82 homeless veterans were provided with resources for housing, food, and mental or medical assistance.
Senior Corps volunteers overwhelmingly report that life was better than before they began to volunteer. Volunteers looked forward to each new day and gained pleasure from daily activities. They felt they had a purpose in life, had a sense of accomplishment, and felt they were making a positive difference in others’ lives. Volunteers also reported being very satisfied with program staff, their assignments, and with their station site supervisors. To summarize, the study indicated:
  • Participation in Senior Corps programming does result in quantifiable changes to factors that lead to improved satisfaction with life among its volunteers.
  • Participation enables volunteers to satisfy both basic and self-actualizing needs that lead to improved life satisfaction.
  • Senior Corps appears to be an effective means for providing volunteers with opportunities to contribute to the meaning and enjoyment of their lives; therefore, participation in the programs can be an effective method for improving the quality of life for elder volunteers.
Giving back is good for you too!  Older Americans who volunteer frequently live longer and report better health.  Volunteering can also lead to more friendships and positive attitude. Please contact Krystal Harris at (213) 747-6357 ext. 123 for more information!