Our Staff Works For Our Local Community

Select the department to see our people, their email addresses, and phone extensions.

Saundra Bryant, Executive Director sbryant@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 111
Shalanda Mays, Executive Assistant to Saundra Bryant smays@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 124
Uzany Muteb, Accountant umuteb@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 128
Genesis Ramos, Accounting Assistant to Uzany Muteb gramos@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 109
Monica Hernandez, Maintenance Ext. 204
Eduardo Hernandez, Maintenance Ext. 206
Julio Ramos, Director FamilySource Center jramos@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 141
Leticia Ortiz Gonzales, FSC Program Coordinator lortiz@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 121
Jonathan Vergara-Diaz, FSC Financial Coach jvergara@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 129
Jessica Sanabria, CARES Counselor jsanabria@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 153
Hosffman Meza, Data Manager hmeza@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 119
Reyna Murio-Varela, FSC Data Intake Specialist Supervisor rmurio@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 133
Jose Quintanar, Data Intake Specialist jquintanar@allepeoplescc.org Ext. 135
Jesse Vargas, Data Intake Specialist jvargas@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 102
William Moreno, Data Intake Specialist wmoreno@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 103
Tania Lopez, Trinity Neighborhood Center Supervisor tlopez@allpeoplescc.org (213) 300-2811
Daniela Navarro, Trinity Neighborhood Center Mental Health Advocate/ Counselor dnavarro@allpeoplescc.org (213) 300-4217
Michelle Ordaz, Trinity Neighborhood Center Case Manager mordaz@allpeoplescc.org (213) 300-5575
Eugenia Bernabe, Trinity Neighborhood Center Community Resource Navigator ebernabe@allpeoplescc.org (213) 2300-9112
Isabella Torres, Trinity Neighborhood Center Community Resource Navigator itorres@allpeoplescc.org (213) 300-1681
Yvette Sanchez, College Advisor ysanchez@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 147
Ulises Alegria, College Ambassador ualegria@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 147
Monserrat Cortez, College Ambassador mcortez@allpeoplescc.org Ext, 147
Susana Nieva, YouthSource Case Manager snieva@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 151
Deisy Huerta, Youth Director dhuerta@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 137
Erick Moreno, Youth Coordinator - 8th to 12th Grade emoreno@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 145
Victor Perez, Youth Coordinator - 6th to 7th Grade vperez@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 202
Karina Basurto, Youth Coordinator - 4th to 5th Grade kbasurto@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 209
Susana Palacios, Youth Coordinator - 1st to 3rd Grade spalacios@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 132
Sonia Pedroza, Youth Coordinator - Adams and Central spedroza@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 201
David Perez, Youth Coordinator - Off-Site dperez@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 155
Diana Parra, Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) Assistant dparra@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 149
Capri Downs, Food Security Coordinator cdowns@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 138
David Perez, Food Program Coordinator dperez@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 155
Erick Moreno, Senior Food Program Coordinator emoreno@allpeoplescc.org Ext. 145
Erick Montenegro, Senior Food Program Assistant Ext. 207
Stacy Gooding, LAUSD PSA Counselor stacy.gooding@lausd.net (213) 725-5600 Ext. 1987
Blanca Aldrete, International Institute Site Coordinator baldrete@iilosangeles.org Ext. 140