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Our Story

In October 1942, a well-used Ford coupe came rattling down East 20th Street bringing Dan Genung, fresh out of divinity school in Chicago, and his wife, Frances, to Los Angeles. Their main goal was to establish a church. And they did. The
original House of Prayer for All Peoples was chartered in May of 1946. Until 1964, the church and center worked as a single entity, as one of seven mission centers in the US sponsored by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), which is headquartered in Indianapolis. In 1964, the Community Center and Church became separate entities..

Started well before the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s-60s, ours was a revolutionary concept. As our 2008 Strategic Plan says, “At a time when de facto and de jure segregation were still an everyday reality in Los Angeles, the establishment of All Peoples, a multi-ethnic and multi-racial community center, was not just path-breaking, it was revolutionary.”

SIILK was founded by a group of professional and dedicated women in 1996. Their vision was to reach out and help each other and extend their efforts into their local communities. Our founding leaders identified the need to enhance personal growth and development in underserved African-American communities in the Greater Los Angeles area extending throughout the Southern California region. We recognize the value of helping others and giving back to our communities.”

Over 80 years, we have gone through World War II, major earthquakes, the Watts Riot and the 1992 Civil unrest.

Our neighborhood has changed from Japanese-American, to African-American, to Latinx. But we continue to serve people of all ages and races. Even through COVID 19, our doors remained open, providing hunger relief for families and older adults, emergency rental relief, and preventing learning loss for school-age youth.

Help children succeed at each stage of development

Strengthen and support individuals and families; and build community

Provide job training and create job opportunities

Help seniors stay active and engaged.

Founding Members

Lois J. Buckman

Melrita Evans-Fortson

Carolyn Jenkins

Delois Leonard

Imani Robinson

Debra Williams

Advisory Board

Lois J. Buckman

Delois Leonard

All Peoples’ work is guided by the following deeply-held values:


We unconditionally welcome and accept all people at our center regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, faith, ethnicity, disability, or gender.


We seek to help the community to meet its own needs and overcome its own challenges. We seek to empower our participants of all ages to take a leadership role through our programs and in their community.


Through all our actions and programs, we seek to unify and strengthen the community, bring people from different backgrounds, races, religions, orientations, and ethnicities closer together, and bring about understanding and acceptance of differences.


We treat all people equally. Equality and equal opportunities are promoted in all programs. We ask All Peoples’ participants to demand equal opportunities and equality in all aspects of their lives and in all settings.


We seek to teach self-respect and respect for others, and staff and volunteers show respect for the community and community members who they work alongside.


Through all our actions and our programs, we teach self-determination, create opportunities for leadership development, and inspire individuals to expect the best in themselves and in others.

Community-Centered Mission

We develop and seek out new services and programs by listening closely to and helping meet the realized and unrealized needs of the community.


We regularly evaluate our programs and services to ensure that they are consistent with our values and our mission, including that they are meeting the community’s needs and helping community members to fulfill their goals.


We seek to help shape and realize a collective vision for all people to lead healthy, whole, connected and fulfilled lives. All Peoples’ legacy as a proactive and forward-looking force in the community continues to propel us.


We work and support one another and our partners to accomplish our common goals. We realize that even though there may be disagreement, we cooperate, compromise, and listen to each other and our partners to gain new perspectives, make good decisions, and learn together.

Adopted by All Peoples Board of Directors September 2008.

Board of Directors

image 20221215 042723
Phreda Devereaux APCC Chairperson cropped

Phreda Devereaux


We proudly celebrate All Peoples Community Center’s over 80 years of service to South Los Angeles. In partnership with community residents, All Peoples administers effective programs and services that reduce food insecurity, lessen houselessness, protect victims of domestic violence, improve education, enhance financial literacy, increase self-efficacy, and promote self-determination. Thanks to the tireless devotion and long stewardship of retired Executive Director, Sandra Bryant (1983-2023), and thoughtful leadership of outgoing Board Chair, Christine Galligani (2021-2023), All Peoples remains poised to grow and adapt to our community’s ever-changing needs. We are grateful for their dedication and inspired by their rich legacy, a legacy that is well placed in the very capable hands of All Peoples’ new Executive Director, Brandy Muñiz, and her hard-working staff. All Peoples thrives on the dedication of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers. On behalf of the All Peoples Community Center Board, I invite you to be part of our mission of providing life-changing opportunities. Reach out, schedule a tour, support, and volunteer. There is much work to be done. Thank you for your generosity and support!

Phreda Devereaux


Director, Head of Global Corporate & Investment Banking Compliance

MUFG Americas

Terry Kim

Vice Chairperson

Director of Government Relations & Advocacy

Children's Institute

Harry Steinway


Retired CFO

Farheen Shaikh


HR Business Partner


Bradley Blackbum


Managing Director

Q Office Solutions

Daniel Brown


Dr. Gregory D. Burks Sr.



Burks Consulting Group, LLC

David Cristales


Business Insights & Analytics

Capital Group

Chris Dorsey


President and CEO

Disciples Home Missions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Christine Galligani


Director of Operations

Nexo Insurance Services, Inc.

Ricardo Mendoza


Chief Business Development Officer

Coalition for Responsible Community Development

Hyeyoung Park-Tarin


Vice President
Advertising Sales & Partnerships


Richie Sanchez


Regional Minister PSWR

Christian Church (DOC)

Carly Searcy


CYNS Global Results

Capital Group

Amanda Trefethen


Attorney/College Professor

California State University Long Beach

Adrian Véliz


Principal, World-Bridge Consultants

Senior Program Manager, Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation

Cristina Zuniga


Sr. Program Manager

Health Leads

Tony Zhang



Littler Mendelson

Executive Director

Saundra Bryant Headshot
Saundra Bryant
Brandy Muñiz, Executive Director of All Peoples Community Center

Brandy Muñiz


Brandy Muñiz joined the All Peoples Community Center as Executive Director in July 2023. She is humbled and honored to join the All Peoples community and team. She looks forward to working and enhancing the organization’s programs and efforts. As well as continuing the inspirational and impressive legacy of Saundra Bryant. With an open mind and heart, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to uphold All Peoples and Saundra’s values, she comes to All Peoples ready to serve. 

Message from Brandy

As the new Executive Director, I aim to stabilize our centers work, increase staff resources, and deepen our impact. Let’s continue adapting to our community’s evolving needs making All Peoples, and its service approach and outcomes, a household name. Let’s celebrate our successes, overcome barriers, and embrace the exciting opportunities ahead. ¡Mil Gracias!


Saundra Bryant

Executive Director


Accounting Assistant to Uzany Muteb

Monica Hernandez


Shalanda Mays

Executive Assistant to Saundra Bryant

Genesis Ramos

Accounting Assistant to Uzany Muteb

Eduardo Hernandez


Uzany Muteb


Litzy Fernandez



Brandy Muñiz

Executive Director

Nicki Bland

Accounting Assistant

Hosffman Meza

Data Manager

Monica Hernandez


Shalanda Mays

Development Director

Genesis Ramos

Accounting Assistant



Eduardo Hernandez


Uzany Muteb

Senior Accountant

Briana Torres

Accounting Assistant

Susana Palacios


FamilySource Center

Julio Ramos


Janeet Rodriguez

Case Manager

Ruperto de Haro

WorkSource Career Coach

William Moreno

Data Intake Specialist

Maria Ajtun

ULA-ERAP Intake Specialist

Jocelyn Ramirez

College Advisor

Eugenia Bernabe


Leticia Ortiz-Gonzales

Program Coordinator

Sonia Figueroa

Case Manager, The Peoples Project

David Godinez

Financial Coach

Jesse Vargas Munguia

Data Intake Specialist

Monserrat Cortez

College Advisor


College Advisor

Reyna Murio-Varela

Data Intake Specialist Supervisor

Jessica Sanabria Rosales

Housing Stability Advisor

Jose Quintanar

Data Intake Specialist

Aileen Dominguez

Data Intake Specialist

Diana Parra

College Advisor

Yvette Sanchez

YouthSource Case Manager

Youth Programs

Deisy Hernandez


Karina Basurto

Youth Coordinator – 4th to 5th Grade

Juliana Vargas Munguia

Youth Coordinator - Washington 722 and Dunbar / SYEP

Erick Moreno

Youth Coordinator - 8th to 12th Grade

Susana Palacios

Youth Coordinator - 1st to 3rd Grade

America Basurto

Youth Financial Literacy Coach

Victor Perez

Youth Coordinator - 6th to 7th Grade

Sonia Pedroza

Youth Coordinator - Adams and Central

Trinity Neighborhood Center

Tania Lopez

Trinity Neighborhood Center

Isabella Torres

Trinity Neighborhood Center Community Resource Navigator

Food Security Department

Capri Downs

Food Security Coordinator

Jocelyn Ramirez

Community Farm Facilitator

Agustin Najera

Food Program Site Supervisor


Food Program Driver

Erick Montenegro

Senior Food Program Delivery Assistant

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

Dale Evans


Sabrina Casillas


Partner Agency Staff

Blanca Aldrete

International Institute Site Coordinator

Evelyn Flores

LAUSD PSA Counselor

Fiscal Responsibility

Our board of directors oversees our fiscal health. The Finance Committee reports to them at every bi-monthly board meeting, and a complete report of our finances (including endowment and trust funds) is sent yearly to all board members. An external audit is completed once a year too. All Peoples Community Center invites you to review our recent audited financial statements and tax returns:


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