RSVP Luncheon 2017

45th Annual RSVP Luncheon


All Peoples Community Center

Retired Senior Volunteer Program

45th Annual Appreciation Luncheon


RSVP Luncheon 2017

RSVP Luncheon 2017

Our 45th Annual Retired Senior Volunteer Program Luncheon was held on Saturday, November 18, 2017 at All Peoples Community Center.   Each Volunteer was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from Councilmember Curren Price.
Thank you RSVP Members for your continued dedication to our South LA Community! PHOTOS
RSVP’s purpose is to help people 55+ become involved in meaningful volunteer opportunities in order to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others in our Community.
RSVP Luncheon 2017

RSVP Members

What ways can you  help?
  • Food Distribution
  • Healthy Activities for Seniors
  • Outreach and Education to Seniors
  • Telephone Reassurance
  • Helping Veterans
  • Serve on Advisory Board & Nonprofit
  • Public Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
Are you ready to get involved?  Please contact Krystal Harris at (213) 747-6357 ext. 123 or for more information!