Let’s get to know Victor Perez, All Peoples Community Center’s 6th and 7th Grade Youth Coordinator:

Favorite Food: I don’t have a favorite food. I always like to try new foods when I can.

Favorite Color: Dodger Blue

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Sports Team: The Dodgers

Favorite Quote/Saying: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” -Winston Churchill

How would you describe All Peoples Community Center?: It’s a place that has always been welcoming to the community. It is a second home for a lot of people. I’ve spoken with kids who come to the Center on a day when the after school program is closed. They can be anywhere they want, but they choose to come to the Center and hang out here. They know we will never turn them away. I think that says a lot about what we do here at the Center. The students know just about everyone that works here and know that they can speak to any of us whenever they want. The parents that come to the Center know that as well. I’ve had many conversations with parents walking through the neighborhood on my way to lunch.

Favorite Part of Your Job: I like when we take the kids to places they haven’t been before. We take kids camping every summer. There are many kids around the neighborhood that have never had that experience. The kids get away from the city for a week to go hiking, climb trees and swim with their friends.

My Best All Peoples Story: I was hiking with a group of kids at Camp Joe Ide in the San Bernardino Mountains. One of the kids called out to me and said, “Victor, it’s probably night time in Los Angeles right now. My parents are probably sleeping.” I answered, “Yeah, it probably is night time in L.A.” It was around 3pm. The kid had never been camping, and he thought we were on the other side of the world. That’s the feeling we want all of the kids to have when we go to camp.

Hobbies: Movies, watching sports, and live concerts

Fun Fact About Me/Hidden Talent: I know a lot of useless facts.

Me in 3 Words: Honest, Direct, and Dependable

We’re so happy that Victor Perez is part of our All Peoples Family!

Real Solutions and Service to South LA

Steve Cayetano

Steve is the first one in his family to attend college and is doing the best he can to make sure he takes advantage of the college opportunity.

Meet Steve Cayetano.  Like the majority of our South Los Angeles Community members, Steve’s parents face the challenges of low wages and high cost of living. Both of Steve’s parents work and do not make a combined income of more than $40,000 a year. Nevertheless, his parents support and encourage him and his 3 brothers in academia, and reached out for additional resources through our YouthSource Center.

At 18, Steve has just completed his tenure at our YouthSource Center Program. This year Steve graduated with honors as the Class Valedictorian from NAVA College Preparatory Academy. He’s been academically engaged in all his course work and achieved a high GPA.

Steve applied to the Charles R. Drew University Public Health Academy which is a Summer program to help students understand health policy and issues related to health. He was one of the few students accepted into the academy, and completed the 3 month Summer program on Saturday, July 28, 2018. College courses in the Charles R. Drew University Public Health Academy included issues on Mental Health, Introduction to Public Health, and Psychology.

Steve applied and has been accepted to Middlebury University in the State of Vermont for Fall 2018. Through his hard work and dedication, Steve also just learned that he was picked for a scholarship from the Stifel Financial Group. All Peoples Community Center assisted in seeking a sponsor for Steve’s flight to Burlington, Vermont so he can began orientation on August 29, 2018. He looks forward to his orientation and the required Middview Trip-Wilderness Exploration that involves outdoor hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, and camping as part of their student enrollment process.

Steve has also been very active in civic engagement in our South LA Community. He’s participated in Community events at All Peoples, Best Start Metro Los Angeles, his High School and as a Poll Volunteer in the recent California Primaries in June. On Tuesday, July 17, 2018, Steve was a student speaker at the Power California event at the Japanese American National Museum.  He discussed the movement he helped lead at his high school to register 200 young voters. Steve was also able to share his high school experience and voice concerns regarding Community issues that our young people are facing.

Steve has strong leadership skills and is a great mentor to Youth in the Community. Through Family, Community, available Resources, and Steve’s personal resilience and determination, Steve will be the first in his family to attend college. We’re proud of Steve and will be supporting and cheering him on as he starts the next chapter of his life at Middlebury University.

Founded in 1942, to sustain a community decimated by the internment of its largely Japanese-American residents, All Peoples has been a hub of vital resources for a neighborhood that has changed from Japanese-American, to African-American, to Latino today.  All Peoples has been the very heart of a community, roughly defined by the 90011 area code and home to 130,000 people, just southwest of downtown Los Angeles.  The Center serves hundreds of people of all ages, six days a week, with an extensive menu of educational, financial literacy, health empowerment, and family support programs at its facility just southwest of downtown Los Angeles.  Give us a call today at (213) 747-6357, or Email to find out how you can get involved!  Real Solutions, Real Heart, Real Service to South LA since 1942.