L.A. puts Higher Education within reach for All Students with the L.A. College Promise – guarantees High School Graduates in the Class of 2017 at least one tuition-free year of Higher Education.



On September 8, 2016, All Peoples FamilySource Center had an opportunity to attend an Education Symposium alongside all the other FamilySource Centers in the city of Los Angeles. This meeting was an effort to engage in meaningful learning opportunities and conversations on the role of community-based organizations in support of students towards path to graduation and post-secondary education.

Our very own David Solis was part of the panel in which we discussed the issues that surround our youth in our communities and prevents them from perusing a post-secondary education.

College Corner: 

Our College Corner exists to promote academic achievement, and to make sure that all of our students have an opportunity to be exposed to college.  The College Advisors work closely with students of all grades, elementary to high school,  to make sure everyone knows that “College is Possible” regardless of their socio economic status.  We provide the College Workshops with parents so that both youth and parents can share a common goal and understand the required steps for the college path.  They meet with the College Advisors and go over transcripts, A-G requirements, grades, GPA’s, etc. They’re also able to map out what classes they should be taking for the upcoming year.  Our College Advisors also expose our students and parents to college life by taking trips to local university campuses and by developing individual student college plans.

For questions, please contact College Advisors David Solis or Jacqueline Ramirez at 213.747.6357 ext 147.