All Peoples Community Center
All Peoples Community Center
All Peoples Community Center

An all encompassing community center providing social services and programs to empower individuals, promote community respect, and encourage self-determination.

Real Solutions, Real Heart, Real Service to South LA Since 1942

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    Thank you to our PRESENTING SPONSOR!

  • Our Services

    We provide a comprehensive range of vital services, grassroots leadership, problem solving and authentic, hands-on care.

  • True Urban Adventurers

  • Day Camp Beach Day

  • Our Core Attributes

    Authentic, Trusted, Comprehensive, Grassroots, & Caring

  • Depending On Your Needs:

    We provide job training, education, health services, and family & individual counseling.

  • Campers come in all sizes...

  • Volunteers = Real Heart

All Peoples Community Center

Easter Carnival 2017

Happy Easter from All Peoples!

Your Contribution Matters

Your one-time or sustaining gift enables us to continue serving the South Los Angeles community with REAL SOLUTIONS and REAL HEART.


RSVP Director Teresa Yamamisaka

RSVP Director Teresa Yamamisaka

Our wonderful, fearless and loving RSVP Director Teresa Yamamisaka…
Save the Date_Easter 2017

All Peoples Community Center's Easter Carnival

All Peoples Community Center's Easter Carnival Sponsored by…

Free Tax Prep at All Peoples

All Peoples Community Center is offering Free Tax Preparation…

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